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SmartMouth Mouthwash

12 Hour Fresh Breath with SmartMouth Mouthwash

updated-sm-mintSmartMouth Mouthwash

Rinse with SmartMouth in the morning, fresh breath all day. Rinse at night and wake up without bad breath. No morning breath.

How does SmartMouth work? Just rinse twice a day for all day fresh breath. Rinse in the morning and have fresh breath all day, rinse at night and wake up without dreaded morning breath. SmartMouth is the only mouthwash that uses a patented zinc-ion technology to not only freshen your breath at the time of use, but to keep bad breath from coming back for 12 hours. The unique two-bottle, two-pump formula means that you activate SmartMouth each time you use it, giving you maximum strength and freshness every time you swish.

  • Will not stain teeth, dentures or crowns
  • Dentist recommended
  • 100% alcohol-free — no burning
  • Safe for ages 6 and older
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Invented by Dr. Israel Kleinberg, Chairman of Oral Biology and Pathology, State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • Developed by Dr. Marvin Cohen, Chairman and author of the bad breath section of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1998 Medical Edition


SmartMouth begins working immediately, giving you minty fresh breath the very first time you use it. For maximum results, use SmartMouth Mouthwash every day, as directed, and you can even wake up with fresh breath. Rinse in the morning and get all day fresh breath. Rinse at night for no more morning breath!

Now that’s real confidence in a bottle!

Mouthwash available in Fresh Mint.

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