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The Straight Talk About Invisalign

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of invisalign is that patients can straighten their teeth without anyone knowing. Most adults would rather live with crooked teeth than spend two or more years with the metal braces that they remember from their teenage years. The clear invisalign retainer was developed to introduce some much-needed aesthetics to the field of adult orthodontics. The invisalign system also boasts improved hygiene over traditional braces. Because the clear retainers are removable, patients can brush and floss as they normally would, reducing the chances of possible staining and decay that often occur with traditional braces. Food and drink choices are less restrictive, as well. If patients wish to eat sticky candy or drink soda, they may do so after removing their clear invisalign retainer.

Straight Teeth Good for Health…

Sure, straight teeth look great. But straight teeth also give you a healthy smile. When your teeth are crowded or too widely spaced, you can get swollen gums and redness – signs of periodontal disease. All of that can make you less likely to smile, even when you want to make a good impression, like in photos or at an interview. Clinical studies show that when teeth are straight, the gums fit tighter around the teeth, which can lead to better periodontal health. Your gum health may improve after your Invisalign

More Confidence

Having a confident smile can change everything. And Invisalign makes the decision easy, because you can get a stunning smile without most people even noticing you’re going through treatment. After your Invisalign treatment, you may find your self-confidence boosted by your new smile and the change in your appearance. Some people even feel that way during treatment. As you know, smiling has many benefits. It can help you make a strong impression in lots of different social situations  at school, at work, or at a party. So start on the right track today, and find out more about Invisalign.

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