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Digital Dentures

Digital Denture Dentist in St. Louis Missouri

Warrenton Dentist Dr. Paz Provides Digital Dentures

What are digital dentures?

Digital Dentures are the newest technology in dentures that digitizes the creation process making a closer and more comfortable denture all with fewer trips to the dentist.   It involves taking the usual impressions of your mouth and collecting special records to tell the computer operator how to set up your teeth. Two weeks later, you have your brand new digitally made complete upper and lower dentures delivered.  In as little as two visits!  And if you want another as a spare set, they can be made to the exact specifications as the first because they are stored on a computer.


  •         Increased Comfort 
  •         Better fit. The digital denture is milled out of a solid block of perfectly cured very hard resin which doesn’t distort as it cures like conventional dentures resulting in a closer fit to your tissues.
  •          Better bite.   Digital Dentures uses unique software that helps determine how your teeth should bite together.  It  finds how far apart your teeth should be, levels out your smile line, places your front teeth in the right spot, and traces out  your bite to put your jaw joints into the correct position.  It truly takes all the guess work out of making a fantastic set of dentures.
  •         Fewer appointments.  Usually only 2 appointments needed: Impressions/records and delivery.
  •         Fewer adjustments.  Using the computer to set up your teeth in the proper alignment helps to prevent errors brought on by the current wax-up method of manufacturing dentures. 
  •         The cost of the dentures does not increase using this advanced technology.
  •         Exact copies can be made at 1/3 the cost of a regular set of dentures within 90 days of purchasing the originals.
  •         No try-in appointment.  Before the dentures are made, the computer images are sent to the doctor for his approval.
  •         Replacement.  The data used to make the dentures is stored digitally, so a lost or broken denture can be replaced, normally within two business days.


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