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About Dr. Paz

Warrenton-Dentist-Jerry-PazDr. Paz grew up in O’Fallon, MO, and attended colleges in St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City. He obtained Bachelors & Masters Degrees from Mizzou before getting his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry. He met his wife, Barbara, in Hannibal, Missouri, where he worked in a dental associateship before coming to Warrenton. Dr. Paz has a wide variety of interests including fishing, boating, bowling & golf. Most recently he and Barbara have taken up Ballroom Dancing at the Thurman’s Dance Studio in Warrenton. Both have also successfully competed in the annual St. Louis Star Ball Dance Competition. Dr. Paz’s greatest interest is in his participation at Faith Christian Family Church of Warrenton. He is an active member and once or twice a year since 1994 has led a dental mission to Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Dr. Paz would like to invite you to share the blessed assurance of eternal salvation through our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. You may call our office for a free booklet that explains how you can find this assurance of eternal life, or how to share it with someone you love enough to give them an eternal life with you.

Dr. Paz has been a dentist for over 25 years. He and his wife, Barbara, have made Warrenton their home for over 20 years, raising seven kids in a community that they have felt the very best place to raise a family. Now they are enduring the quiet of the empty nest with the last three kids in college and the rest of the kids and grandkids scattered over 3 states. Since graduating from dental school, Dr. Paz has taken advanced training in Orthodontics and TMJ therapy. Dr. Paz is not a board certified specialist in this field. As a General Dentist, he is qualified to treat oral conditions representing all fields of dentistry without limitation. Dr. Paz has a highly technical approach to dentistry. He uses Laser Comfort Dental treatments for cavities and minor surgical corrections. He also uses Invisalign®, the invisible braces for straightening teeth. This is the best method of obtaining a beautiful smile that others may never see you wearing.


Dr. Paz also uses Cerec 3D, a CAD-CAM method of making a beautiful all-porcelain crown or inlay in only one visit, saving the multiple visits it once required for these restorations. Computers speed information and images to workstations and insurance companies. Digital x-rays cut down on the amount of radiation to which patients are exposed, and computerized anesthesia eliminates most of the sharp feelings once associated with getting numb.


The office is in a historic three story Victorian home. This provides an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, melding the modern speed of technology with the gentle grace of a time gone by.


High Tech – Soft Touch.

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