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Wright City Dentist Dr. Jerry Paz

Are you looking for a Wright City Dentist, MO?


Are you looking for a dentist in Wright City, MO? 

If you are looking for a Wright City Dentist, Dr. Jerry Paz offers breakthrough NO Drill, NO Shot, NO Fear Laser Dentistry! One of the most talked about benefits of laser dentistry is the ability to avoid the numb mouth and cheek feeling or fear many people face with traditional dental shots. But this is just one of the tremendous benefits that laser dentistry offers. Dr. Paz and the team at Laser Comfort Dentistry put the patient comfort first and offer this advanced laser treatment in over 80% of the daily dental procedures.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Wright City, MO and would really like the benefits of a laser dentist Dr. Paz is the dentist for you.   Dr. Paz is located just 7 miles west of Wright City in Warrenton, MO. Here are some reviews from patients that drive to Warrenton to see Dr. Paz.

It’s not rare to have patients travel from Wright City, Troy, St. Charles, even from Kansas and Illinois to receive the benefits Laser Comfort Dentistry’s advanced dental treatments. Dr. Paz not only provides modern Laser Dentistry he also provides a multitude of other advanced dental technologies that transform your dental visits from the first exam to the development of digital designed dentures.

Not everyone will choose the advanced treatment of laser dentistry, but for those looking for a laser dentist in Wright City  that specifically designs his treatments to decrease discomfort and increase the quality of treatment in a kind caring and relaxing environment. The team at Laser Comfort Dentistry is committed to doing what we can to make your next dental appointment the best one you’ve ever had.

To find out exactly where Laser Comfort Dentistry is located click this link and see how close you live to a Laser Dentist!

Dr. Paz uses the Waterlase lasers by Biolase. Click here to find out more about Waterlase No Shot, No Drill, No Fear dentistry

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